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Staggering Stephasaurus

i was born to a gypsy family in 1999, throughout our travels we came across a very odd, very futuristic time machine..being the klutz i am… i tripped into the time machine…  i had just turned 1..

205 m.y.a.,  i lay crying under a fern like plant… soon to be discovered by a group of stegosaurus. i was raised by these stegosaurus and treated as one of their own until about 12 years old, leaving only by accident, tripping.. yet again into this time machine…sending me back to the year 1999.

until 12 years old, i believed i was a dinosaur.. since then i’ve had the normal life of any ol’ teenager. i’ve become accustomed to this way of life, and… mostly accepted that i am human.

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