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Mission Statement

i’ve been through a lot in my life,  i’ve dealt with substance abuse, a failed engagement, my parents divorcing, emotional abuse, an alcoholic father, ADD, extremely low self esteem, an abortion, failing/dropping out of college several times, etc,  sure it’s not as much as some people… i’ve never been homeless, i’ve never been without food,and  my parents are still living. i’ve never been subject to child abuse, gang violence, or rape. i have all my limbs, more clothes than i need, good friends, a loving puppy, a large bedroom… my life has been fairly comfortable, average, if you must. it was enough though, enough to put me at “rock bottom,” to put me close to a point where i didn’t understand why life was worth living, i’ve been depressed, unhappy and unsuccessful for a long time.

i’ve climbed out of the deep, deep well that was rock bottom, i’ve suffered many wounds, and i show many scars… but i am working my way up, and out, and pretty soon here, i’ll be on top. i’ve been through enough to crush a human being into a pile of dust and guts, but like a cockroach, i stood up, shook off.. and i’m carrying on. i’ve learned how to be happy, how to take all this bad, learn from it, and turn it into good.

my mission with this blog is to bring hope. hope to those who can’t find it elsewhere because their problems “aren’t all that bad.”

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