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THIN MINTIES! as good as the real deal?!

December 18, 2009

thin mints have long been the #1 most popular girl scout cookie (they make up 25% of sales!), they’re so soft, yet crunchy, and the PERFECT ratio of mint to chocolate (in my own humble opinion, of course.) my one and only complaint with these little bits of heaven is the fact that they’re not available all year round! what a shame. quite honestly, i think they’re the absolute perfect cookie for this time of year. what screams winter more than chocolate and mint?! not much, not much.

to tackle this issue of no girl scout cookies in winter… i’m gonna make my own. after a little googling, and hunting down my favorite food blogs, i’ve come across a couple recipes:

the first one i found, and the one i’m using.. (first?) — so far the dough tastes spot on, this website also had recipes for a couple other girl scout cookies.. i may try making as well. omnom nom. (thank you baking bites! i’ve used several recipes from this site, and they’ve all turned out fabulously.)

home-made and all natural thin mints (nom! healthy delicious makes me far happier than just delicious delicious.)

which lead me to the interesting top secret recipe which involves cake mix?

made the dough last night.. it’s been in the freezer since. today i’m going to tackle the slicing and baking (easy peasy) and the dipping in chocolate (not so easy peasy).

last night also happened to be my friend (aka, my first boyfriend) dustin’s (of static hum records and teeth gnashing) birthday, so i called him up to wish him a happy one. he suggested that my two old friends from school (and girl scouts!) get together and wear all our old scout gear while baking these cookies (sounds like a blast, right?) i think i’m going to have to call them up for a get together when i tackle another one of those recipes…

but since the baking process for this batch has already started, i’m going to leave you with some girl scout inspired fashion(123), and a short playlist of my favorite tunes from waaaaay back in the day. haha.

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  1. December 18, 2009 8:14 pm

    Wow that sounds great–I agree, mint and winter are one.

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