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*le sigh*

December 16, 2009

well, fall semester is over.

i’ve been stressed, and all around pretty unpleased with my life as of late. i don’t have a job, and i definitely didn’t do as well as i’d hoped this semester. i’ve kinda felt myself slipping back into depression, and i’m really not digging it. it’s hard to shake off, and psychology has taught me exactly why. (psychology has also taught me that i’m highly likely to get sick now that finals are over, which is why this sore throat isn’t surprising me and i’m bumping up my vitamin c intake.)

right before heading to my pysch final this afternoon i decided to stop by gala darling’s blog, which is where i stumbled across this. of course, leave it to gala to say exactly what i needed to hear, at exactly the right time. thinking back upon where i was exactly a year ago, compared to where i am now certainly banished the blues. i walked into that psych final with swagger and confidence.. and i think i aced it. ha!

really, compared to then life is SO good now, i think i set my goals for the end of this year a little high, which is never really a bad thing, i don’t think i’d have come as far as i did if i hadn’t. i’m really quite proud of myself, and i’ve at least gotten myself in a place where i can tackle these goals.

anyway, winter break = boatloads of free time, so here’s what to expect in the next few weeks:

my diet overhaul plan, entitled: “rice: i hate it, but it makes me feel so good.” this will probably turn into more of a series, i’ll share lots of recipes. rice pretty much bores the hell out of me, but i cannot deny that when i eat it i feel so good, healthy and full of energy. so i’ll be blogging as i attempt to discover how to make rice a staple of my diet without getting too horribly bored.

an attempt to label myself, i’ve always thought labels were pretty silly, but what the hell, i’m gonna take a stab at defining myself, accurately. “a priceless hippie with an affinity for fashion magazines and punk rock.” seems to be a pretty good start, no?

my religious views/philosophical outlook on life.  “god is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, hunger and satiety.”

why i’ve converted to gagaism. i can’t deny it any longer, i’m quite the lady gaga fan.

a couple playlists, and a few TiLTs, of course.

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  1. December 17, 2009 12:24 am

    Hi Steph, I found your blog from Gala’s comments – my mum used to call me “Steffosaurus” because I wanted to be a palaeontologist, so I thought I HAD to check you out. And lo and behold, you seem pretty cool Us Steff’s generally are 🙂

    It sounds like you’ve been having a rough time of late. I’ve been there, so you have my empathy. It WILL get better – exam time is always that time of the year where everything that’s gone wrong weighs heavy on your shoulders. I always found exam time was NOT the time to be looking at my life in an unbiased manner. You probably know heaps more about this than me though, being the psych expert (bet you did ace it). Just think of that big heaving sigh of relief when it’s all over!

    Gala is right – you’re doing great, and uni is always a struggle, and it’s nearly over, and you really ARE doing great (I might have mentioned that). Sometimes you get stuck with those people, because it feels natural and comfortable and it seems to work, but they don’t lift you up and force you to be everything you’re capable of. And every minute you spend with those people is less time to spend with your future wonderful life. So don’t tolerate it anymore, girl! You’re gonna be awesome. Trust me, Steffs know these things.

    Speaking of rice, you should try some Turkish Pilaf. The plain ones are a bit boring, but add some chickpeas and cinnamon and allspice, or pomegranate seeds and spinach or something. Heaven.

    • steph permalink*
      December 17, 2009 5:17 pm

      ohh man, that DOES sound like heaven. thanks for all of your kind words, it’s funny how we can get caught up in little things like finals week and just let it stress us out and take over. life is GOOD now, i have no reason to feel this bad!

      steph/steffosauruses unite! 😀 😀

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