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things that are good.

September 8, 2009

and ramona flowers inspired fashion. not much to the story (yet?) but it sure is pretty i know i’ve posted this before.. but omgsogood.

my dream converse came in the mail this week:

they’re soooo gorgeous. mucho better in person. i saw these on zappos and just fell head over heels in love, i knew they were it, the pair of converse i’ve been waiting my whole life for. they make me feel pretty complete. so many delicious ideas, i don’t know where to start!

my friends! i’d be so so lost without you guys. thank you for making me smile while going through some shitty shit. honerable mentions: ian kaser – seriously.. everyday i find another reason to thank the lord for sending me this friend. he’s incredible. matthew ingwerson – my hubby. my rock, honestly.. this man makes me feel so grounded, solid, safe and strong. tom sloger – a charming, funny man with a fantastic taste in music and women; a saint for driving me to LA and putting up with my antics all weekend. sean o’toole – a recent addition to my collection of friends, and one i’m pretty damn glad to find. he’s a hell of a lot of fun.

car!!! she’s a funky, old, ’79 honda hatchback, with a stiff steering wheel and no radio.. but she’s mine!!! and she’s actually a lot of fun to drive. (i could be biased.)

miss molly jones – can’t forget the dog. she’s still the cutest damn thing i’ve seen in my life, fills my heart with joy on a daily basis and never fails to crack me up. i love this dog more than you’ll ever know. she’s truely my best friend.

LA ROAD  TRIP!!! – last weekend: cake, point break live, “1988!!!”, matt furden, hollywood, THE FAINT, bali shag, pancakes, echo location, showers in the dark, photography assignments, cockroaches; it was all so good.

school, holy crap.. it’s exhausting, and time consuming.. and school.. so i can’t help but hate it a little… but i’m surprising myself with how much fun it is.. and i’m really enjoying all of my classes. pilates is kicking my butt!

photography –  can’t get enough of this class. i need my own darkroom, there is absolutely no way for me to get everything printed i want to print.

life in general… my last two weekends have been full of fun and unforgetable memories, i’m feeling very loved, successful, happy and confidant as of late. life is good, life is gooood.

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  1. momasan permalink
    September 8, 2009 9:37 pm

    That photo of the Honda was taken in the desert! I recognize the mountains! CRAZZY!

    • steph permalink*
      September 8, 2009 9:40 pm

      haha, that explains why that location/photograph felt familiar. crazy.

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