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two weeks without a post.

September 5, 2009

life has been busy as of late… and i’m quite frankly uninspired. seems like i had a lot more ideas for this blog when i started it than what i’ve got now… it’s nothing but TiLTs… and while those are a brilliant idea, they’re totatlly un-original. le sigh.

life seems to be picking up though, things are falling into place. i’m inspired in most all other areas of my life, but lacking in funding… and blogging is something i’ve yet to get the hang of. haha. i feel like i’m in a swing state, life is good, and getting better, but it’s still not quite where i want it to be.. i’m still waiting. so sick of waiting.

things to expect in the near near future: a late TiLT post, a playlist, and some inspiration dumping.

tralala! – steph.

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