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August 20, 2009

oh wow! i totally forgot till now that i owed another TiLT! school started this week, my head has just been elsewhere.

this is going to be tough, i haven’t been in the highest of spirits the last few days, but i’ll give it a shot..

lets start out with molly, she’s a constant source of love and currently keeping me quite warm.  no matter how terrible my mood is, she makes me smile and my heart sing with joy. seriously, she bubbles up so much happiness in me, it’s astounding. i just wanna squeeze the shit out of her. she’s so damn adorable and aauuughgghg. haha.

secondly, ian. i’ve been becoming increasingly aware of how damn lucky i am to have this boy in my life, he’s my hero. swoops in when i’m on the verge of a breakdown and fills my head with sunshine n rainbows n all that good crap. he’s just, he’s helped push me into a really good part of my life, he makes me feel so good about myself, so comfortable with myself and so damn happy. he’s one of the greatest friends i’ve ever had.

metric – just happens to be what i’m listening to at the moment, but omg, talk about rediscovery. haven’t really listen to these guys in forever – but they feel so damn good. i’m glad to have remembered that.

LMFAO – honestly, i wasn’t the biggest fan of these guys at first.. but now i’m HOOKED. they probably make up the majority of what i listen to right now, haha.

my mommy! she came home from her threeish week vacation on the east coast and i’m SOO happy she’s home! i missed her!

sweet potato fries – yum!

parties all weekend!

school starting, and more importantly – photography! last tuesday, the first day of the class we took a tour of the lab and ooooooooooh god it feels so good to be back in there. i’m so super stoked on this class.. and really all the classes i’m taking. this semester is going to be challenging – but i’m SUPER interested in these classes, so augh, it’s gonna be great – and hopefully successful. i’m feeling pretty damn optimistic about school now, i think taking that summer class and passing WITH A C really helped up my spirits. i set my mind to school, i worked hard and.. yeah, a c isn’t the best grade ever.. but i’m pretty damn proud of myself.

hanging out with friends that i’ve never really hung out with outside of a large group before. haha, tuesday i ran into two of my guy friends, jared and sean, on campus and we chilled for awhile – i kinda surprised myself with how much fun i had.. and they’re now (hopefully) joining my pilates class! stoked!

LA next weekend! cake! modest mouse! the faint! epic!

sesame honey almonds from trader joes – i’ve been nomming on these babies all week. they’ve really made school sooo much bearable, delicious and full of protein! best snack evar?

heh – this was actually a lot easier than i’d anticipated.. once i started things kept popping into my head, but i’ve ran outta steam. i was just about to promise a better list next week – but who knows if i’ll get to it! i’ll probably be heading to LA right after school andddddddd then CAKE! i’ll try and post one.. better late than never!

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